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I am finding a small problem with my new fabulous, fully stocked studio. I don’t know where to start! I am can’t seem to pin down my creative juices. What to make? What to work on? There are just too many options. This is no good at all, especially seeing as I am signing The Makery up in our very first craft show! (EEEEK!!!!)  I have two months to come up with handmade products to sell at our booth.

I found a really cool trend when I started researching blogs. Blog challenges. Apparently all kinds of different blog categories have them. For my crafting needs this is perfect. The blog challenges give me some direction and gets me creating! This also has the added bonus of getting me blogging too. Two birds, one stone. The Sketch Frenzy Friday challenge for last week was perfect to start with. The challenge was to use the design “template” given and run with it. I was already in the need of a Thank You card for a dear, dear friend so again…two birds, one stone.

For this project I started with a 5 1/2 by 6 1/2 folded white card stock. I used a grey blue piece of card stock and embossed a flowered background using my Stampin Up Big Shot. I cut this to cover a little over half the front of the card. I then stamped the Petal Potpourri flower stamps from Stampin Up on white card stock and used my snips to fussy cut around each flower. I used a piece of correlating blue ribbon as a divider to the color change. Using Stampin Up’s dimensionals to arrange the flowers in a 3D affect. The sentiment was also from Stampin Up, out of their Lots of Thanks stamp set. This was a fun and quick Thank You card that I had ready to mail out in less than thirty minutes. Hope it gives you some inspiration for your next card.


I would like to use this original design to enter into Sketch Friday Frenzy’s Friday challenge SFF080715 @


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Tour of my studio!

So I am really lucky and proud to have a great studio space to work in. During the process into building a new step for my life I developing my studio went a long way in motivating me and getting my creative juices flowing. Having tried a million different ideas for make shift craft ideas in my home I realize how lucky I am to have a garage/shop on my property. I just thoroughly believe that you have to have a space where your creative tools can be kept and easily worked with. My friend Patricia was the one to gather all these amazing tools but yet had no way of getting to them, let alone working with them. So if you want to be creative, don’t short yourself, find some space you can call your own. A desk, home office, I have even seen closets converted into craft rooms. MAKE IT HAPPEN!

When setting up my space I spent a lot of time looking at others blogs and YouTube channels in order to find a collaboration of ideas for storage and best use of the space. I thought a few pictures of my space and storage might be helpful to others setting up their own work space. Even those with established studios may catch a couple good ideas, who knows?

My peg board.

My peg board. Holds tools and the older design of Stampin Up punches on rods. 

The yarn wall and extra storage

The yarn wall and extra storage. This is my area for all things crochet. The old entertainment system was left behind and now is used for extra storage. 

Paint area. The built in shelves from the original builder were perfect for storing my paints.

Paint area. The built in shelves from the original builder were perfect for storing my paints.

Filing cabinet

Filing cabinet. This was repurposed from my hubby’s work and is my temporary home for all my Stamping Up paper and catalogs. Soon it will be my order forms and project ideas and the paper will be in  Stampin Up paper stand but for now this has been handy. 

Favorite spot

Favorite spot. This is my paper Station. If you look close I have all my Stampin Up Inks. I have added another case to the left full of the newer Stampin Up punches. Behind the chair there is a plastic bin with loads of Stamping Up Stamps. My Big Shot has a place as well. There is more storage I am loading up underneath too. 

I want to add that this is only the beginning. I have more to add. I also have a sewing area directly across from my paper station. I have my sewing machine and a shelf for all my sewing supplies. I just didn’t grab a picture. I also have a small area set up for my children. My daughter especially has developed the crafting gene and I wanted to include her in the studio as well. The space is rather large. My husband even has a home gym set up on the far side of the building. I am really lucky I had a garage/shop already built by the previous owner. He was the one who put in the fold out tables and the small inlet shelves. So much of the hard work was done for me. I merely had to find the most creative and organized way to set it up. I will update with a video tour of my studio soon. Until then I hope the pictures gave you some ideas for your own creative space.

Happy Creating!

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To a New Phase in my Life

My kids started school up last week. Yup! My babies are now both officially in elementary school. Kaydence started second grade and Bo started kindergarten. Wow. I didn’t realize that I would have a slight empty nest feeling that first week. I had no idea what to do with my time. So I spent the week cleaning and going through options. Of course, the first thought was to go back to work. I have been a stay at home mom on and off since my youngest was 18 months or so. I know the type of parent I want to be requires me to stay home or at least have a very flexible schedule in order for me to be there for them in all those tiny (and big of course) moments. So what job could I take that would enable that? And add in my physical limitations (crap hips and knees from a childhood injury) and my spotty job history on my resume? Oh and I would like to enjoy the work I do. I don’t see a normal job out there that is going to give me all that, do you? I thought about volunteer work. I do spend a great deal of time at the school with my children. Volunteering for room mom, book fair, santa shop, etc. That still leaves me with a good bit of free time. There is only so much cleaning I can do, damn-it!

Thankfully I have amazing family and friends that know me so well and help me work through my shit. They know my true passion and what little talent I have is in creating! I love art. All kinds of forms. From paint, to sewing, to paper crafts, to crochet. Through the years I have slowly collected craft materials. I never truly had a place to work in though. The last couple years I have taken over the dining room and any other empty corner of the house. My mother and great friend, Patricia suggested making my garage/storage building in my backyard a studio space. Not only did that happen but Patricia (the most amazing friend ever) not only offered me encouragement but she also helped stock my studio.

Patricia is a Stampin Up demonstrator of almost ten years. She has almost everything they have ever sold. Unfortunately she had most of this awe inspiring collection packed away and shoved in unreachable storage in a back room of her house. She decided my large studio would be the perfect excuse to clear out, inventory and actually use her stash. And oh man, is it a stash. I have spent the past week, with the help of my extremely supportive husband, setting up my studio. It is almost complete! I have to say it’s been like Christmas every day going through the paper, stamps, inks, tools and so much more that I now have at my disposal. I have fallen in love with all things Stamping Up. They make some of the most beautiful products. I am signing up to be a demonstrator as soon as I can. This counts as a job, right?

I am gearing up to start crafting classes. I am also going to work on a line of products to sell in the online store, The Makery, (more about that coming)  my mother and I have partnered up together in. I am also carving out some time to this blog. A blog to document my journey into my new “job”, my new studio and my new business! In addition to the projects and stories I share on my blog, I hope to have a Youtube channel too. I originally thought to just journal in a notebook all this but one thing I hope to accomplish in this new chapter of my life is making a mark on the world. Becoming a part of something beyond my own little bubble of family. I hope to make new friends and maybe inspire others to create! So I want to share my projects and ideas with others like me. As I do this I have opened myself up to a world of other crafters who share that same desire. The blogs I have found over this week is just out of this world. So here’s to a new phase in life, to making a mark and the inspiration of others.

Happy Creating!


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